I am an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is exciting but sometimes the management time is draining most of your energy. Don’t waste any more time on things with very little added value.

I am a

Gig after gig, you are working on your profile to beĀ appealing for the market you are in. The work that you do everyday is worth more than a title between 2 dates.

Nomid - Finalist at the 2018 Cooperathon

October 2018 was a fun month for Nomid's evolution.
Being part of the Cooperathon by Desjardins was a nice way to work on our pitch,
our deployment strategy and the application itself.
We were proud to be selected in the top 4 FinTech projects part of this competition.

We are currently very busy building a platform that will help many entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to really focus on creating value. Keep in touch with us, we won’t be annoying. We have a very interesting story to share with you and we would be thrilled if you want to be part of it.

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